We receive a lot of questions from our customers regarding possible inefficacy of the treatments we feature in our catalogs. This is true that not every medication is going to work as it should. With some medications, there are so many factors that may result in a pill not working in your organism.

Refunds and Returns PolicyKeeping that in mind, Necc Pharmacy came up with a super flexible policy as far as reimbursements and refunds are concerned.

Even if you have received a genuine medication from us but for some reasons it didn’t work as you expected, or you are being not happy with the results because it was not the right treatment in the first place, do not worry. We care about your health and your satisfaction as a customer and we will provide you a full refund in 7 to 14 business days. Simply contact our dedicated support team if you want to return a medication that did not work for you, and we will make sure you will be able to return a pill. We would ask you to briefly describe what exactly caused the return, but it is not mandatory. We value our customers, and your satisfaction is an utmost priority for us.